6 Food Choices that Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

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The teeth and gums emulate or reflect whatever is happening in the rest of the body. Thus, what you eat influences the health and sparkle of your teeth. You have been advised to avoid dark berries, red wine and black coffee in our struggles for white, bright teeth, but are you aware that there are certain food choices that actually whiten your teeth? To deliciously attain a brilliant beam, try the following natural food choices.


Indeed, pineapples can assist whiten teeth. Basically, pineapples contain enzyme bromelain which serves as a natural stain eliminator. Further to that, enzyme bromelain also aids in breaking up plaque, the clammy deposit of bacteria that builds up on your teeth. Plaque contains millions of bacteria, which may produce acids that may wear down your teeth enamel resulting in dental caries.


Carrots are rich in Vitamin A, a vital nutrient for healthy and strong tooth enamel. The consumption of carrots while they are raw arouses saliva secretion, which is the mouth's natural cleansing agent. As a matter of fact, intake of any crusty vegetable contributes to natural teeth cleansing.


Ginger is mostly used in foods as a spice agent. However, few people are aware of the anti-inflammatory attribute typical of ginger. Given that periodontal diseases are basically inflammatory ailments that lead to the disintegration of bone plus supportive mouth tissue, consumption of ginger may serve as the perfect anti-inflammatory agent to avert such type of dental diseases.


Cheese products contain calcium, phosphorus, and protein, all of which act as buffer zone against the acids produced inside your mouth which lead to teeth discoloration. Phosphorus and calcium also help in the repair of teeth and strong gums. It is advisable that you enjoy limited fat cheese quantity to avert intake of high saturated fat which may lead to heart-related complications.

Sesame seeds

Any food intake leads to plaque buildup inside your mouth.  Sesame seeds help brush away the bacteria on your teeth. Additionally, they also contain calcium, a nutrient synonymous with healthy bones and teeth. Furthermore, this cleansing or scrubbing action may also be achieved by chewing nuts.


Onions are rich in sulfur compounds, such as thiosulfonates and thiosulfinates, which get rid of bacteria associated with tooth discoloration. It is advisable that you eat onions raw because cooking actually wipes out these tooth-friendly ingredients. If you do not like onions, consider garlic as a suitable alternative as it also features the above-mentioned sulfur compounds.

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4 August 2015

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