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Cosmetic dentistry has grown in popularity in recent years. This may be attributed to the importance that society places on one's outward appearance. It may also be as a result of more people considering the importance of their oral hygiene and their overall smile.

Indeed, a cosmetic dentist can use a combination of techniques to restore your teeth to a near perfect state. This causes your smile to be fuller, you teeth to become healthier, and your overall self-confidence to grow. When looking for the right cosmetic dentist for the job, keep the following important factors in mind.

Attention to your needs and concerns

The first thing the cosmetic dentist should do is to pay attention to what you want to achieve with your oral appearance. Make sure the dentist and his/her staff are paying attention to your needs, and are proposing solutions that are fit for your overall goals.

They should also be able to offer several suggestions and to explain procedures in terms that you can easily understand.

Patient testimonials

The best cosmetic dentists have previous patients who are happy to offer positive recommendations to future customers. A positive recommendation can help you gain insights into the work of the cosmetic dentist, how they carried out various procedures, and how their patients felt after the work was done.

Thoroughly review several patient testimonials before you decide on a cosmetic dentist to work with.

Openness to learning new techniques

A cosmetic dentist works in a field that is constantly evolving. Advancements in technology and new dental procedures make it necessary for dentists to continuously learn new techniques to remain effective.

Compare several cosmetic dentists to see who is using the latest and most effective methods for repairing one's smile.

Evidence of previous procedures

It is also important to closely evaluate a cosmetic dentist's previous work. "Before and after" photos can be a good place to start. Consider patients who had issues similar to yours, and see how they were able to have those issues fixed. Are their teeth as white as you would like yours? Have their cavities and cracks been adequately corrected?

You can also try to meet with patients who have undergone procedures similar to what you want to achieve, and carried out by the same cosmetic dentist.


You can evaluate a cosmetic dentist's experience in two ways. They could have been in the industry for a long time, or they could have carried out multiple procedures similar to the one that you seek. Either way, the relevant experience is always a benefit.

For more information, contact a local dentist.


15 December 2017

Teeth And Tears: Dental Dramas Of A School Nurse

I have worked as a school nurse for decades. Children come to me with all sorts of scrapes and bumps and bruises. Black eyes from playing football, sprained wrists from falling off the monkey bars and stomachaches from too many sweets are common complaints. However, the issue that seems to cause the greatest angst is tooth problems. Sometimes a child will have a second tooth knocked out when playing sport and parents arrive in tears. At other times, children come to my office crying because their friends are teasing them about teeth that are discoloured or stick out. I take an active interest in the latest dental news so that I can give parents and children comfort and advice. I have included some of my collected wisdom on these pages. Perhaps this information can help you understand some options when faced with a dental problem. Thank you for reading.