4 Signs You Need to See a Periodontist

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A periodontist specialises in the treatment of disorders of the gum tissue. This article will explore some of the signs that it might be time for you to book an appointment with a periodontist. Read on to find out everything you need to know.

Bleeding gums

If you experience red or inflamed gums which bleed on a regular basis, this could indicate you have gum disease. If they bleed for longer than a week or so, you should talk to a dentist and get an x-ray to make sure there is not a problem. Some gums are more susceptible to damage and infection because they are thinner. However, you should always speak to a periodontist to ensure you are being taken care of properly.

Bad breath

Bad breath can be caused by poor oral hygiene, tooth decay, and infection. A periodontist will look at your teeth to find the best solution for your gum health. Dentists can spot gum disease by examining your gums. Dental plaque can cause a very foul breath and bacteria on the teeth can also contribute to bad breath. A periodontist can prescribe gum disease treatments to make sure that you develop healthy gums that are properly nourished. There are a variety of dental treatments available to help improve your breath, such as using a fluoride mouthwash daily. You should also opt for regular flossing and brushing.

Pain or discomfort with brushing

Brushing your teeth may not cause pain for most people. However, if you are experiencing a lot of pain when brushing, you may have a gum infection or periodontal disease. Pain when you brush is an indicator that you should speak to a dentist. If the pain persists or gets worse, you should go to a periodontist. An x-ray will help to determine the extent of the problem. If you have any of the symptoms of gum disease, you should speak to a periodontist as soon as possible.

Flaky gums

If you notice areas of your gums that are very dry and flaky, it could be a sign of gum disease. The plaque that is on your teeth can also cause these dry patches on your gums. A periodontist can help you find the best solution to address this issue.

If you notice any of the signs of gum disease, you should get in touch with a dental clinic or periodontist in your area today. 


23 November 2020

Teeth And Tears: Dental Dramas Of A School Nurse

I have worked as a school nurse for decades. Children come to me with all sorts of scrapes and bumps and bruises. Black eyes from playing football, sprained wrists from falling off the monkey bars and stomachaches from too many sweets are common complaints. However, the issue that seems to cause the greatest angst is tooth problems. Sometimes a child will have a second tooth knocked out when playing sport and parents arrive in tears. At other times, children come to my office crying because their friends are teasing them about teeth that are discoloured or stick out. I take an active interest in the latest dental news so that I can give parents and children comfort and advice. I have included some of my collected wisdom on these pages. Perhaps this information can help you understand some options when faced with a dental problem. Thank you for reading.