3 Reasons You Need Denture Repair Services

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Dentures can transform your smile and help you eat more comfortably. However, dentures can get damaged or degrade over time, especially if you have had them for a while. When it happens, eating and talking can become uncomfortable or painful in some cases. That is why you should see a denturist for routine maintenance and repair of your dentures. This article highlights situations when you need denture repairs.

Denture Causing Sore Spot

Properly moulded dentures can last long with regular maintenance. However, dentures develop high spots over time, especially if you are used to chewing hard objects. The high areas make the acrylic base uneven, triggering irritation on the soft tissue. Unfortunately, many people ignore the irritation, while some try to eliminate the high spots with something like a nail file. Both approaches do nothing but exacerbate the problem, which can cause a bruised palate or infected gums. If you feel that your dentures are causing sore spots in your mouth, visit a denturist immediately. They have the tools necessary to conduct proper adjustments and repairs to eliminate the high spots.

Broken Denture Tooth

Most people think that denture teeth and the gum-like mould are a single unit. However, denture teeth can chip or break like natural teeth. Although dentures are designed for durability, they are not as strong as natural teeth. Therefore, the adhesive holding the teeth wears over time, making them susceptible to breaking. Some people may try to repair broken or chipped denture teeth by using adhesives like superglue. Unfortunately, doing so causes more harm than good for two reasons. First, superglue is toxic and causes irritation. Second, the glue is permanent, making future repairs impossible. A denture repair clinic has the right adhesives to put back broken or chipped denture teeth.  

Worn Acrylic Base

Just because you feel like your dentures and artificial teeth are in good working condition does not mean that you should not be concerned. The reason is that many people may ignore the acrylic base, although it wears and fades over time. Therefore, when the acrylic base starts to fade or show signs of cracking, it is time to conduct a rebase. Denture rebase is a common type of denture repair that involves replacing the acrylic base to make it more stable. It ensures that the acrylic base regains its colour and is strong enough to handle everyday demands.

For more information, contact a denture repair clinic.


25 January 2021

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