4 Factors That Will Affect the Time It Takes to Remove a Wisdom Tooth

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Are you planning to remove one or more of your wisdom teeth? Then you may be curious to know just how long the procedure takes. In general, tooth extraction may take only a few minutes. But wisdom tooth extraction is often more complicated than the extraction of your other teeth.

If you have no complications, then wisdom tooth extraction may take just a few minutes. However, the following factors will extend wisdom tooth extraction time, so bear this in mind if you are in a hurry.

1. Root length and age

Wisdom teeth roots grow longer than the roots of the other teeth in the mouth. And these roots grow longer over time. The younger the roots are, the shorter they are. Younger roots are not as deeply embedded in the jawbone as older roots are. Thus, the wisdom teeth of someone in their thirties will likely be more difficult to remove than the wisdom teeth of someone in their early twenties.

2. Tooth impaction

What often happens when wisdom teeth erupt is that there isn't enough room for them to erupt as fully as they should. If there is insufficient room in the mouth, wisdom teeth lodge in the jawbone and gum tissue. In other words, the teeth become impacted. Removing an impacted wisdom tooth requires more time than usual, as dentists need to get through bone as well as gum tissue.

3. Proximity to the alveolar nerve

The longer roots of wisdom teeth sometimes grow uncomfortably close to the alveolar nerve, which runs through the jawbone under the teeth. In this case, the dental surgeon has to take care not to damage the nerve when removing a wisdom tooth. Although nerve injuries due to wisdom teeth removal are rare, the risk does mean that your extraction will take longer than usual.

4. Proximity of adjacent teeth

Another issue that extends removal time is the proximity of the surrounding teeth. When there is little room in the mouth, wisdom teeth erupt and sometimes lean or push against the adjacent teeth. This means that the surgeon has to take care not to damage the adjacent tooth while they attempt to remove a wisdom tooth.

Wisdom teeth removal can sometimes take time, especially if the aforementioned factors are involved. Make sure you speak to a local dentist to learn more about wisdom teeth removal and what you can expect from the procedure. 


6 April 2021

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