A Guide On Implant Dentures

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The loss of your natural teeth is unfortunate, but different dental solutions can help you overcome these shortcomings. One such solution is implant dentures, an upgrade from regular traditional dentures. These dentures blend both the advantages of dental implants and dentures. Here are a few necessary steps to take when getting implant dentures.


A consultation is the first step you take when you decide you need a solution for your lost teeth. You can get an appointment with the dentist and arrange the meeting. Ensure you have a list of questions the dentist can answer to make the consultation successful. You may also conduct your research, especially since most personnel in the medical field value patient-centered care. 

The dentist generally discusses your oral and overall health during the consultation. You may take some tests and scans, such as a CT scan. The dentist discusses bone density and volume, letting you know the path that leads to the choices they make before the procedure. Dentists also bring up some habits that help you before, during and after the process. 


You also require approval from the dentist based on several criteria for getting implant dentures. For example, you must have excellent oral health. Your oral hygiene helps you heal fast after the procedure. Excellent oral health also ensures that you have no issues for years after getting the implant dentures. Hence, the dentist scrutinises your mouth and assesses your oral health to ensure you qualify. 

Another qualifying factor is the shape and size of your jaw. For example, patients in their teenage and childhood years might not have a fully developed jaw that can support the implant dentures. The dentist also considers ongoing treatments, medication and risk factors that may impede the procedure's success. 


Implant dentures take a while to heal, depending on your health. You may need extra recovery time if your procedure requires additional treatment, such as bone grafts. You may also visit the dentist if you experience any discomfort during the healing period. Prompt consultation helps resolve minor issues that may impede or slow down your healing process. 

You must also adopt certain habits that promote your dental health when you get the implant dentures. For example, avoid habits that contribute to poor oral health, such as smoking. Constantly monitor your fluid intake to ensure you stay hydrated as much as possible. Your diet must also include soft foods and nutritious items to promote healing.

Some essential steps to take when getting implant dentures include consultation, approval and monitoring. For more information, contact a company like Kurrajong Denture Clinic.


20 September 2022

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