Three Ways Your Dentist Can Help You With Dental Implants

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Dental implants are one of the most effective solutions for tooth loss. A dental implant is a small, strong screw that's placed in the jawbone beneath your gums. It acts as a foundation for an artificial tooth or bridge. Dental implants can last for years and years, but they don't work alone. You need to maintain them with good oral hygiene and regular care from your dentist. Here are three ways your dentist can help you with dental implants.

10 November 2022

A Guide On Implant Dentures

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The loss of your natural teeth is unfortunate, but different dental solutions can help you overcome these shortcomings. One such solution is implant dentures, an upgrade from regular traditional dentures. These dentures blend both the advantages of dental implants and dentures. Here are a few necessary steps to take when getting implant dentures. Consultation A consultation is the first step you take when you decide you need a solution for your lost teeth.

20 September 2022

Tips for Taking Your Foster Child to the Dentist

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As a foster parent, you probably want to do everything that you can for the child in your care, whether they are going to be with you for a little while or for a much longer time. This includes things like making sure that the child gets proper dental care. If you're looking for advice for taking your foster child to the dentist, these tips should help. Choose a Children's Dentist

22 July 2022

Is It Necessary For A Child To Get Fillings On Decayed Primary Teeth?

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Poor dental hygiene exposes children to the risk of developing cavities in their primary teeth or milk teeth. However, most children start to shed their milk at around six years of age. Therefore, if a child is almost six, one may wonder whether it is necessary to get fillings on primary teeth. Can you extract the tooth or leave it to fall out on its own? Before you take any action, check out these reasons why it's necessary for your child to get fillings on decayed primary teeth.

3 June 2022

What Happens to Your Gums After Dental Implant Placement?

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Healthy gum tissue supports your teeth by holding them in position and keeping bacteria from penetrating the area under your gums. The same is eventually true once you have dental implants placed into your jawbone. As long as you have healthy gums, your gums should integrate well with your new dental implants and you'll end up with a healthy and bright new smile. Some patients wonder what might happen to their gums once the surgery is complete.

8 April 2022

Gum Disease: Why Damaged Gum Tissues May Need to be Removed

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Gingivitis is a rather nasty inflammatory condition (which is bacterial in nature) that attacks your gums. Your gums will be visibly inflamed, tender and will bleed quite easily, generally after brushing and flossing. The condition can rapidly escalate, leading to severe periodontal disease, which poses a considerable risk to your teeth and their supporting structures. Untreated periodontal disease often ends in the loss of a tooth (or teeth). Fortunately, gingivitis is easy enough to manage, although serious cases will need more intensive management.

8 March 2022

Been a While Since You Saw Your Dentist? What to Expect From a Professional Cleaning

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For some people, the fact that they haven't visited their dentist in some years doesn't mean they're keen to resume those regular checkups. For whatever reason, if it has been a (long) while since you last had a checkup, the delay may make you even more hesitant. Surely it's inevitable that your dentist will find a problem? All you might need is a professional dental cleaning, which really isn't invasive. But since you and your dentist have been on an extended break from each other, it's natural for something as minor as professional cleaning to make you a little nervous.

27 December 2021