What Causes A Toothache?

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A toothache is a warning sign that something is wrong with your teeth. In most cases, a toothache causes pain to the gum, to the head and to all the surrounding organs. Depending on its severity, tooth pain can make you unproductive and restless. So what exactly causes a toothache? And it is necessary to visit a general dentist? Keep reading to know more about the cause of toothaches. Tooth decay

10 December 2019

Your Guide to Dental Implants

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Denture implants are different from conventional false teeth. If your image of a denture is something that will easily slip around on a bracket when you are speaking or eating, then these sorts of false teeth certainly still exist. However, dentists are also highly likely to recommend implant dentures instead these days. Although it must be mentioned that implant dentures require surgical work to be carried out before they can be fitted, they offer several advantages over conventional false teeth.

7 November 2019

3 Commonly Ignored Practices that Help Prevent Tooth Decay

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When you research strategies for preventing tooth decay, there is no doubt you will get a truckload of approaches. The techniques range from brushing your teeth immediately after every meal to avoiding staining beverages such as coffee and sugary drinks. While there is no denying that these practices work to keep tooth decay at bay, most people ignore the basic tactics. Many people go to great lengths, such as expensive whitening procedures, to prevent periodontal disease when they don't have to.

3 October 2019

Dental Problems Invisalign Can Solve

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Invisalign uses a clear plastic aligner that not only looks appealing but also effectively addresses misaligned teeth. It is a widely used device in aligning teeth, and its invisibility makes it a preferred aligner by several orthodontic patients. It employs three-dimensional graphics technology in manufacturing a capable aligner. It is a standard method that is embraced by different people with teeth problems. An orthodontist will survey your teeth and assign you the right mask for your teeth, and you are supposed to wear it for about 18 hours a day to achieve the desired results.

16 July 2019

Signs You Should Consider Booking a Dentist Appointment Before Your Next Event

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Do you have a special social event coming up? Are you looking for a new job? Or are you just trying to become the best you that you can be? In case you haven't noticed, the importance of first impressions should not be overlooked. For example, a clean, light and healthy smile during a first meet for a job interview can easily mean the difference between unemployable and an ideal candidate, but this is not only due to the superficiality.

27 May 2019

Roots and All: Why You Should Remove Retained Roots

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When a dentist removes a tooth, they usually remove the roots too, unless they plan to use those roots to support a denture. That way, there will be no leftover tissue to serve as food for invading bacteria. However, when a tooth is badly damaged by trauma or decay, the roots are sometimes the only part of the tooth that remains. When this happens, the gum tissue heals over the roots either partially or completely.

30 January 2019

Some side effects you may experience after getting tooth veneers

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Dental veneers are a low-impact form of cosmetic dentistry that should not give you any discomfort or pain. However it is possible that they may leave you with some minor side effects. Here are some of the problems that you might encounter after having veneers fitted. Sensitive teeth In order to fit veneers to the teeth, it is necessary for your dentist to remove some of the enamel from the surface.

3 January 2019