3 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to See a Dentist Urgently

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Attending regular dentist appointments is a great way to ensure your teeth stay healthy, but there are various problems that can occur between appointments. This guide explains three dental issues and explains why each one should encourage you to book an urgent dentist appointment for quick treatment, rather than waiting for your next routine appointment. Your Gums Are Bleeding or Receding Gum disease is an extremely common complaint, and the early stages tend to manifest themselves in bleeding or sore gums.

1 July 2021

Can You Whiten Your Teeth When Some of Them Are Chipped?

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Teeth whitening is most effective when teeth are already in a good condition, aside from the discolouration that made you want to whiten them in the first place. But surely a few minor chips in your teeth won't prevent you from getting the results you want? Your Dental Enamel Whitening your teeth is essentially bleaching them, and since it's a topical treatment, it only treats your dental enamel, which is the strong mineralised compound that coats your teeth.

20 May 2021

4 Factors That Will Affect the Time It Takes to Remove a Wisdom Tooth

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Are you planning to remove one or more of your wisdom teeth? Then you may be curious to know just how long the procedure takes. In general, tooth extraction may take only a few minutes. But wisdom tooth extraction is often more complicated than the extraction of your other teeth. If you have no complications, then wisdom tooth extraction may take just a few minutes. However, the following factors will extend wisdom tooth extraction time, so bear this in mind if you are in a hurry.

6 April 2021

Invisalign or Braces: Which Is Best for Teens?

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Many teenagers need orthodontic treatment to correct an overbite, reduce crowding in the mouth, or realign teeth. Invisalign is a modern alternative to the braces that dentists have traditionally used to straighten teeth. People getting treatment with Invisalign wear transparent, removable plastic aligners to gradually bring their teeth into the correct positions. Invisalign has many advantages, but is it the best solution for your teenage son or daughter? Invisalign Is Almost Invisible

5 March 2021

3 Reasons You Need Denture Repair Services

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Dentures can transform your smile and help you eat more comfortably. However, dentures can get damaged or degrade over time, especially if you have had them for a while. When it happens, eating and talking can become uncomfortable or painful in some cases. That is why you should see a denturist for routine maintenance and repair of your dentures. This article highlights situations when you need denture repairs. Denture Causing Sore Spot

25 January 2021