Top tips for new mums recovering from root canal treatment

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As a pregnant woman or new mum, it's easy to neglect your dental health in favour of focussing on the demands of your new baby. Looking after your teeth is vital to maintaining your health, so it is important to prioritise dental treatment as a new mum. To ensure a quick recovery so that you can keep up with the demands of parenting a newborn, check out these top tips for new mums recovering from root canal treatment.

13 April 2016

4 Easy Ways to Relieve Your Tooth Pain at Home

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When you have tooth pain, the first thing you need to do is call your dentist. However, they might not be able to see you right away, so you will need to find relief while at home. Here are some effective ways to relieve your tooth pain until you can get into the emergency dentist. Use Cloves or Clove Oil A popular and natural remedy for tooth pain is to use cloves.

28 March 2016

What is tooth reshaping?

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If you are not happy with your smile, it may be due in part to the overall size and shape of some of your front teeth. Tooth reshaping is an option if this is the issue, which is one of many cosmetic dental procedures to choose from. Here is more information about tooth reshaping and what can be expected from the procedure. What are the reasons to get tooth reshaping?

18 February 2016

Do You Need Stitches After Cutting Your Gum With A Flossing Pick?

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Flossing picks are tricky little things. One minute you're trying to remove a piece of food that is trapped between your teeth, and the next minute the end of the pick breaks free and scrapes across your gum. A cut on the gum can be no laughing matter when it won't stop bleeding. So what do you do to stem the blood flow? And when is it time to get concerned enough to make an appointment with your dentist?

28 January 2016

Tooth Recontouring: Cosmetic Dentistry When You are On a Budget

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Tooth recontouring goes by many names: enameloplasty, odontoplasty or tooth stripping or slenderizing. This is a procedure that involves removal of small amounts of enamel in order to change the length, shape or surface of your tooth. Odontoplasty is one of the most conservative procedures in cosmetic dentistry, and is ideal if you're looking for a nice smile without having to rob a bank – the average cost is between$50-300 per tooth.

20 January 2016

Laser Teeth Whitening - Advantages and Disadvantages

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If you've been planning on having your teeth whitened but aren't sure which method to use, you might want to consider laser whitening.  Laser whitening is carried out by an experienced cosmetic dentist in a dental clinic, and it's a teeth whitening technique that's rapidly gaining in popularity.  So what does laser teeth whitening entail and what are the pros and cons of this technique?  Read on to find out more.

14 January 2016

The End of Dental Fillings? How Cavities Might Soon Vanish with Varnish

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Family dentists will do their very best to put the youngest members of your family at ease during an examination or procedure. It's not always so easy, though, and older children who have needed to have a cavity filled at a younger age might still have unpleasant memories. Even adults can be wary of the dentist, particularly when they know that they need a filling. It's important to remember that the process of getting a filling is more of a discomfort than something that is painful, and it is far less problematic than allowing the cavity to develop into something more serious.

21 December 2015

Dentist Visits | 3 Tricks To Prep Your Kids For Their First Dental Visit

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Preparing your child for their first visit to the dentist is perhaps one of the toughest tasks because kids tend to be fearful of things they don't know or understand. They probably only know what they've watched on TV about a dentist –– and it's not always positive. But it can be if you take a few extra moments to prepare your children to meet the dentist. Here are some tricks to help you prep your kids for their first dental visit.

3 December 2015

Teeth Whitening: What's the Difference Between Extrinsic and Intrinsic Stains?

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If you're considering having your teeth whitened, you need to think about how your teeth currently look before you start treatment. Stains on the teeth may affect whitening procedures, and you should assess any staining you have to see if it will affect the results you ultimately get. If you whiten stained teeth, they may well come out in a different shade to those without stains, leaving you with uneven results.

17 November 2015

Coping with fear of the dentist while having a root canal procedure

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Being afraid of the dentist is not at all uncommon. Dental phobia is something that affects a large percentage of the population. Many feel a vague discomfort when thinking about the dentist, while some are so afraid that they avoid going to the dentist at every cost. One common procedure that in particular seems to terrify the people suffering from dentist phobia is the root canal treatment. It's an important procedure to go through if it's needed, as it can save your tooth and make your overall oral health better.

26 October 2015